TH is a distributor of Inventec in Vietnam.

About Inventec,

"Inventing a sustainable future with our customers

Inventec, the result of a merger between the Promosol and Sotragal companies in the Dehon Group, has been serving the industry markets for over 40 years.

Our job: bringing sustainable solutions through our chemical products and services. We focus our efforts on: 

  • The technical performance  of our products and services for high tech industries (electronics, aeronautics, medical equipment, micromechanics, aerosol formulation, foam expansion, etc.).
  • Environmental and health protection by substituting hazardous substances even before regulation so require, and by developing risk management solutions for non-substitutable hazardous substances.
  • Proximity of our experts in more than 20 countries to implement our technical solutions and to meet our customers' requirements in performance and protection, in less than 48hours. Progress is built through confidence between people.


Inventec generates €65M of revenues in more than 40 countries. Since 2003, this turnover has been constantly progressing by more than 10% per year.

The company employs 100 people:

  • 50 in France,
  • 20 in Europe, excluding France
  • 10 in America
  • 20 in Asia

More than a third of our workforce are executives/engineers.

Inventec is a 100% subsidiary of the Dehon Group

The group has 10 subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and America and 7 production sites, all ISO 9001 certified, including 3 also ISO 14001 certified and equipped with control and application laboratories.

To read our environment & quality policy, click here.

To serve various markets, the company is organised into 4 activities:

  • Electronic Assembly  products and services designed for assembling compounds on printed circuit boards and for board cleaning; We also develops the solar equipment market.
  • Precision Cleaning  cleaning and protection for various markets: luxury jewellery, aeronautics, micromechanics, automotive, medical, etc. It sells solvents and detergents.
  • Fine Chemicals BU for ranges of solvents and gases created for the most varied aerosol formulations and for polyurethane foam expansion. It also develops a waste collection offering (chemical products and gas bottles) in order to recover as much as possible.
  • Exportis : export department covering countries where our subsidiaries are not present.